Interview with Dr. Vaughn Daniels, Urologist Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Using Pressure Wave


INTERVIEWER: Describe your practice and what you specialize in.

Dr. Daniels: Vaughan Medical and Men’s Power Therapy specializes in men’s sexual function and the treatment of ED. Our philosophy is very simple. To treat the patient in a warm, inviting atmosphere where they feel empowered. I believe the strength of our practice is the fact that we’re a medical practice run by, and only employing Urologists, with a large degree of expertise in men’s sexual function. The whole idea is that we treat the whole person and we listen to them. We have an in-depth free consultation and we work out exactly what route to go with that patient.

INTERVIEWER: Talk about the process of the consultation and evaluation and what sets you apart from other Urology practices.

Dr. Daniels: We start off with a consultation which is very much patient led. We talk to the patient about their hopes and their aspirations. What they believe their challenges and problems are. What is it that the patient wishes to achieve and by when. How they feel about their particular challenge in terms of Erectile Dysfunction and how they wish to be treated?

INTERVIEWER: Recently you have incorporated Pressure Wave Technology into your practice. Why did you decide to incorporate this into the practice?

Dr. Daniels: I’m from Europe specifically the United Kingdom. I moved to the United States two years ago and I was very surprised that Shock Wave Therapy or Pressure Wave Technology wasn’t the standard here in the United States. In the United States pills, potions, injections and tablets and even pumps are more popular. In Europe and including the United Kingdom, Pressure Wave Therapy is the gold standard.

With Pressure Wave we’re actually treating the cause of the Erectile Dysfunction rather than simply the symptoms. And that, to me, makes complete sense because it means that you are treating the patient in theory and in practice as well.

You’re actually treating the actual disease, in the true sense of the word, as opposed to just treating the symptoms where the patient is on a recurring treadmill of ineffective treatment being just tablets or injections or whatever they choose to do.

INTERVIEWER: How well would you say Pressure Wave Technology works when it comes to treating ED? What are the specifics? How does it work?

Dr. Daniels: Most ED, not all, but most Erectile Dysfunction is because of lack of blood flow. But most Erectile Dysfunction is because of lack of blood flow. So, by using Pressure Wave Technology, we’re opening up the blood vessels, which in anybody, as we get older start to decline and so by treating the corpus and the entire area, we’re able to ensure that we’re actually treating the whole patient and the whole issue.

INTERVIEWER: How would you contrast the benefits of the Pressure Wave Technology to the other methods that are available to treat ED, the ones that most people are familiar with? Pharmaceuticals, creams, pumps, things of those nature.

Dr. Daniels: By treating with Pressure Wave Therapy, what we are achieving is to give patients spontaneous erections without the needs of pills or pumps. Therefore, they don’t need to pre-plan. Many things such as pumps or injections are anything but romantic. We are actually giving them the ability to have spontaneous erections when they so choose rather than having to pre-plan.

There is also another great advantage, that if you compare it with, for instance, the 5 milligram daily Viagra or Cialis, we’re actually able to save them roughly over $2000 a year. And we are rejuvenating the erectile function back to where it was previously as opposed to just treating the symptoms without constantly needing tablets or anything else. Furthermore, it actually is natural as you are going to get.

INTERVIEWER: What is the treatment protocol like and how fast does it work?

Dr. Daniels: The treatment protocol depends on patients and disparity of their Erectile Dysfunction. But on the whole it’s either three or six weeks of treatment and the effects continue to grow over about the next three months after their last treatment. There’s no pain. It’s very, very simple and very easy to the patient. The whole thing sort of builds to its own effects. But, we have noticed that after two, three, sometimes four treatments, the patient is already getting spontaneous erections. And as a side to that, their urine flow also appears to be improved.

INTERVIEWER: I know that every patient is different but are you finding that most of the patients are responding in a positive and successful way?

Dr. Daniels: We’re just writing up the clinical trials of our first six or eight months’ experience. And we have noticed that every patient has had a huge improvement. We are using the SHIM score, the internationally recognized score for Erectile Dysfunction and every patient is showing a marked improvement over their previous SHIM score.

INTERVIEWER: You mentioned that you are working on a clinical trial based on your experience thus far. Are you hoping to also conduct more studies like that in your area?

Dr. Daniels: Yes, I am. We as a practice are planning on building up patients, and we will constantly review those. But more importantly, we’re interested in treating patients. We are not just doing this from a clinical trial perspective. We know that it works. What I want to prove is that it works incredibly well for a wide population and that Pressure Wave is actually a greater improvement than pills or shots.

INTERVIEWER: Who is a candidate for the treatment of ED utilizing Pressure Wave Technology?

Dr. Daniels: I believe anybody with erectile dysfunction is an applicable candidate so long as their Erectile Dysfunction is not caused by a spinal injury or some other possibly surgical or physical issue. There are very, very few contraindications to having Pressure Wave Therapy done.

INTERVIEWER: Is Pressure Wave cost effective for a patient?

Dr. Daniels: I believe Pressure Wave Therapy is incredibly cost effective. If you look at daily Cialis, and the cost of daily Cialis varies very widely, compare it with Pressure Wave therapy which you have one course of treatments, the savings in the first year is roughly over $2,000. If you look at the cost of the other tablets, if you take a high dose tablets, depending on how often you use those, there is also substantial savings for the average patient given over a year or even less. Compared with injections, it appears to be considerably cheaper and allows for spontaneity.

INTERVIEWER: You mentioned that this is the gold standard of treatment. What would you say to someone that suffers from Erectile Dysfunction regarding why should they consider Pressure Wave?

Dr. Daniels: I would suggest that what most people want is spontaneous erections, spontaneous natural erections as opposed to having to pre-plan, take tablets, which most people don’t want to take, and/or injections or pumps. There is no single thing that is for everybody, but I would suggest going to see your Urologist, discussing your issues and your challenges and see if the Pressure Wave Therapy is the right treatment for you, as opposed to all the other things that are in the arsenal. For most patients who want spontaneous erections without the needs of injections, pills or pumps this is a very, very good treatment allowing for spontaneous natural erections over a very long period of time. And there are no side effects, there’s no pain, there’s no discomfort, there’s no potential damage so long as it’s done well by a professional. And the patient will see a great effect.

INTERVIEWER: You have a website that is dedicated to men’s health and this issue. Tell us about that.

Dr. Daniels: The Mens Power Therapy web site has all sorts of information in it concerning Erectile Dysfunction and Pressure Wave Erectile Regeneration it is there for the patient to look at. The patient, from the website, can also use the contact form, ask any questions and also arrange to have a free consultation.

INTERVIEWER: How would someone go about getting more information or make an appointment to come and see you?

Dr. Daniels: They can do this on the website or call (954)-999-0657 or (855)-207-5018 and arrange for a free consultation. It is a patient led consultation, it’s up to patient to lead that interview, together we will work out what is the best thing for them. The most important thing with something like this, and probably anything that is medical, is the fact that the patient feels empowered and in control, and we’re able to answer the patient’s questions, and do this in a very professional, medical manner.

We are not just treating erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a large part of somebody, particularly a man’s life. But also the couple and we made no differentiation in couples at all, whatever they might be. It’s not that we are simply treating the patient, it is a collaboration between both parties.

The whole philosophy of the clinic is that we are all about giving the patient empowerment. But the key thing, which I think is incredibly important, is the fact that we deliver patient focused care.

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