Shockwave results are making headlines

  • Massage Therapy CanadaFast facts on efficacy of shockwave therapy
  • FEATUREShock and Awe - December 2015
  • London Olympics 2012Shockwave Therapy being used by team USA.
  • TORONTO SUNAccording to an American Podiatric Medical Association study, 39% of women wear high heels every day, and 75% report shoe-related foot problems. Two-thirds admit to wearing ill-fitting shoes.
  • MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA – FALL 2012Radial Shockwave therapy - An integrated approach
  • Canadian RunningProfessional and recreational runners are giving shockwave therapy a try because of new encouraging studies.
  • CANADIAN CHIROPRACTOR MAGAZINEThe Results of Radial Shockwave Therapy
  • TORONTO SUNShockwave therapy on Peter Worthington’s painful heel hasn’t improved his tennis ame but has at least allowed him to participate
  • FEATUREUpdate on Shockwave Therapy
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