Dr. Christopher Asandra


Mens Health Specialist, Nu Male Medical Clinics

Dr. Christopher Asandra, Pressure Wave Comments

Pressure Wave is revolutionizing treatment for Erectile Dysfunction. Our practice, Nu Male Medical Centers, focuses on erectile dysfunction, low T, medical weight loss, men’s wellness and health. We are utilizing Pressure Wave in a few of our clinics, we plan to get this rolled out in all our clinics nationwide because of the results that we’ve seen with the patients. Pressure Wave technology is a very non-invasive, very effective form of increasing the vasculature and stimulating the angiogenesis in the penile tissue. The results are remarkable and astounding.

From a patient’s satisfaction standpoint, I never expected that our patients would respond so well to this technology. I can almost guarantee all your patients will be satisfied. From a business standpoint, our revenue has increased tremendously since instituting pressure wave technology. you are using cutting edge technology and setting yourself apart from the other practitioners out there who are just using generic forms of pharmaceuticals or technology to treat ED. You’re not only increasing your business by doing so, but also benefiting the patient as well.

I chose to acquire the Storz Pressure Wave from Medical Wave because it is FDA approved, easy to use, adjustable and cost effective. Most of all, it provided the most power and was on the cutting edge of technology They have been more than helpful with customer service and they get back to me instantaneously. I’ve been super happy with the customer service I have received from Medical Wave, and the machine has been great.

The results have been astounding, the patients are satisfied.

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