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There is no shortage of band-aid solutions for men looking to cure their ED issues. From pills to vacuum’s, these solutions do nothing more than treat symptoms rather than solving the root problem. And none address the lack of spontaneity when it comes to a man’s relationship with their partner. Shockwave therapy offers a pain-free and permanent solution to ED.

Learn more about this non-invasive way to increased sexual spontaneity and a healthier sex life.

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The inability to achieve an erection that’s hard and sustained enough for satisfying sex is a condition that’s becoming increasingly common among men of all ages. Erectile dysfunction is a complex issue with many possible underlying factors but one root cause: the amount of blood that enters and remains in the penis is insufficient to create and maintain complete engorgement.

Improve blood flow, you improve erectile performance.

Why shockwave therapy?

Medications go everywhere in the body and can create negative side effects without treating the root cause of the issue. Shockwave therapy, on the other hand, targets precisely what needs fixing, using acoustic waves to stimulate the creation of new blood vessels and nerve endings in the penis. Existing blood vessels that have become thin, weakened or plaque-filled from a variety of causes are rejuvenated so blood can enter and stay the way it needs to for a hard and stable erection.

Used widely in the treatment of erectile dysfunction of a vascular nature since 2010, shockwave treatments are clinically proven and have helped hundreds of thousands of men all over the world attain natural, long-term improvements in their erection capacity without the use of pills.

Erectile Dysfunction: not just an old guy problem

While erectile function does tend to decrease with age due to physiological changes in blood vessels throughout the body, including the penis, research indicates as many as one in ten men in their twenties are likely to experience mild to moderate erectile issues. Many aspects of modern life contribute: stress, anxiety, unhealthy lifestyles, excessive drinking, drugs, smoking, as well as a number of serious diseases such as diabetes and nerve disorders.

How do shockwaves work?

Shockwaves are acoustic waves that are directed at deep tissues to stimulate the body’s natural processes for repair and regeneration of cells. When applied to the penis they result in the growth of new erectile tissue, the repair of damaged blood vessels, and the creation of new ones. More blood is then able to enter the penis, more easily, to create and hold firm erections.

In addition, soundwaves create neurogenesis, the development of new nerve endings, so the penis becomes more responsive to stimulation.

Proven results without pills or pain

Short sessions of about ten minutes each, twice a week for two to three weeks, result in lasting improvements. Better sexual performance and duration, as well as increased sensitivity, are often reported right away, with dramatic effects being felt within a month as new blood vessels and nerve endings form.

  • Pain free
  • No side effects
  • Non-invasive; no surgery or medication involved
  • Long lasting
  • Zero down time

Trust the professionals

We are trained and certified by Shockwave Canada to offer a protocol for the treatment of erectile dysfunction that was among the first of its kind and has been enhanced over years of application and study around the world.

Our Canada Health approved shockwave machines, designed and manufactured in Switzerland to exacting standards, enable precise application and gentle dosing of the shock wave energy to ensure the safest and most effective procedure.

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  • No medication of surgery
  • Short treatment sessions
  • Zero side effects
  • No anaesthesia required

The effectiveness of this modern technology lies in the machine’s ability to target areas with dynamic and powerful energy for the treatment of deep-lying areas. These technical features demonstrate the superiority of the Storz machine compared to competitors, and translates into treatment for a host of urological issues that are effective and pain-free.


  • Significant improvement of sexual performance
  • Triggers body’s natural repair mechanism
  • Enables natural erection mechanism
  • Reported improvement within 2 weeks of treatment
  • High rate of reported satisfaction 1 year following treatment