The ultimate in comprehensive care, the MP 200 provides more ways than any MasterPuls unit to care for your patients. Featuring deep impact shock transmitters, it accurately pinpoints deep pain regions that can’t be reached by other shockwave device manufacturers.

Key Features

  • Compact design
  • Pioneering Single Frame Casing
  • Maximum mobility, can be easily carried anywhere
  • Built-in high-performance »Silent« compressor with time controlled condensate drain
  • All-new R-SW hand-controlled handpiece with innovative »Active-tip-control« display with pressure and frequency selection
  • Individual Parameter Setting (IPS-Control) for different indications
  • Combinable handpieces
  • Radial Shockwave therapy with various shock transmitters
  • Oscillating ‘D-ACTOR®’ Technology for better myofascial Trigger Point therapy
  • V-ACTOR® vibration therapy: 21 – 31 Hz (optional)


Facts & Figures
• ‘Easy’ transport bag
• System weight: 9.5 kg
• Extended frequency/power range: 12 Hz/5.0 bar, 16 Hz/4.5 bar, 21 Hz/4.0 bar

Pulse Frequency/Pressure
• Radial shock wave therapy: 1 – 21 Hz/1 – 5 bar
• Vibration therapy (V-ACTOR®): 1 – 35 Hz/1 – 5 bar

Oscillating ‘D-ACTOR®’ Technology
• For better myofascial Trigger Point therapy

‘Deep Impact’ Shock Transmitter
• For the treatment of deep pain regions

‘CERAma-xTM’ Shock Transmitter
• Elastic shock transmitter for Shockwave

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